B2 Test Stand Restoration and Modification

This project consisted on demolition and construction activities to adapt the B2 Test Stand to assist in NASA’s ongoing mission of sending a manned space flight to Mars.  The B2 Test Stand was originally constructed in the 1960’s as part of the space race to send a man to the moon.  Much of the piping that was originally installed had deteriorated over time, and as part of ICI’s scope had to be demolished and disposed of, much of which was coated in lead based paint and required extensive abatement activities (by others).  ICI fabricated the new piping at our facility in Idaho and shipped it to the project for installation by our field crew.  One of the major components of the project was the High Pressure Industrial Water system.  This included fabrication and installation of an extensive manifold system installed beneath the test stand to supply the flame bucket, which consisted of over a hundred 10” connections.  Due to its location, and limited access the installation required a tremendous amount of hand rigging of the piping into place, which included various sizes from 10” diameter piping up to 36” diameter.  The system also consisted of the main water supply to the stand which included a significant amount of 66” diameter piping, that due to its size and configuration was fabricated on site.  Other major components of the project were the installation of several systems of vacuum jacketed piping for cryogenic services of both liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen.  ICI also fabricated and installed a substantial amount of stainless steel process piping to deliver and transport the various services needed for the shuttle engine, including helium, nitrogen, gaseous oxygen, gaseous hydrogen, and missile grade air.  The project required rigorous inspection and extensive quality control and assurance to produce a system that fulfilled the requirements of the space mission.  The project was incredibly unique and challenging, and ICI is extremely proud of the work that we performed, and to be part of such a historical project.