A3 Altitude Test Stand

Location: John C. Stennis Space Center, MS

Customer: Roy Anderson/NASA

Project consists of providing all mechanical labor and material to support the J-2X engine testing on A3 Test Sand. Piping includes stainless steel, cryogenic, and carbon steel systems to carry various fluids, include liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and alcohol, from loading stations, over the ground, and 200+ feet up the test stand. ICI was also responsible for receiving, handling, and installation of 3 LOX vessels (321,000 lbs each), 9 Industrial Water vessels (290,000 lbs each), two Isopropyl Alcohol Tanks (260,000 lbs each), and 32 GN2 Bottles of 1000 cu. ft capacity each.

ICI was responsible for procurement, cryogenic cleaning, and installation of over 700 individual component, including various valves, filters, and expansion joints, as well as procurement and installation of stainless steel piping systems including high pressure and vacuum jacketed pipe to transport liquid hydrogen from associated barge docks to the test stand. In addition ICI was responsible for installation and handling of over $50 million in Government Furnished Equipment, including single valves costing over $100,000.

This job included strict quality control standards including radiographic inspection on the majority of welds.